Airframe routine & non-routine maintenance
AD Evaluation & Implementation
SB Evaluation & Implementation
Technical logs, snags & advisories issuance
Engineering Orders (EO) issuance & control
Maintenance programs evaluation (MPD, Aging structure,
Structural Repair Mapping establishment & update
Special projects (major structural modís, system upgrade
enhanced GPS, Öetc)
Advise on MRO provider choice (LG, components &

Power Plant management
Engine Inspection
Full engine valuation service (AD, SB, LLP)
Engine pre-delivery advice
Engine delivery and re-delivery management
On wing and off wing full engine management
Monitor all Pilot reports related to ATA Chapters 71-80
and issue advisories
Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM)
Engine Removal Forecasting
Shop visit work scope compilation and project control
Advise on MRO provider choice & maintenance contract
Conduct salvage meeting and invoice discussion
Establish MCPH study